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Cleanup for a Cause

As a company with a deep affinity for the ocean and preserving the natural habitats of millions of sea creatures (including the Fiddler Crab), we are proud to independently support The Ocean Cleanup Group. The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit technology and research organization, developing and scaling technologies to rid the oceans of plastic. To achieve this objective, The Ocean Cleanup has to work on a combination of closing the source and cleaning up what has already accumulated in the ocean and doesn’t go away by itself. The Ocean Cleanup, is not for profit, and Fiddler Bay aims to protect the integrity and authenticity of their mission by simply supporting and directing donations to their site. Without companies like The Ocean Cleanup around to promote biodiversity, our oceans could suffer from devastating consequences. Fiddler Bay will be donating a portion of all profits to ocean conservation and cleanup, and we strongly encourage y’all to do the same as well, please find the link here, 

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