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Our Story

As a kid, my parents encouraged me to play outside, get fresh air, make new friends, and dress well, but “don’t you dare mess up your nice clothes.” Unfortunately, most of the clothes at the time weren’t up to my outdoor adventures – shirts would pick, buttons fall off, and mediocre materials were limiting my good times.

Twelve years ago, as fate would have it, Louisiana Donnie met a girl named Paige from a small town in North Carolina. Paige loved growing up and spending her summers on the beach in North Carolina.

Together, we re-engineered an entire brand and started manufacturing clothes for the adventurer, the outdoorsman, and every kid who just wanted to look good while playing outside without getting in trouble.

With ten years in design, strategy, and development, our brand & clothing aims to transcend generations and personify the lifestyle it represents. A lifestyle brand that works from Joe Burrow to Jimmy Buffett. Fiddler Bay is best known for its Fiddler Crab Logo, which has been described as high quality, great fitting, and remarkably comfortable.

We find ourselves on the cusp of reimaging classic, preppy style with a post-Covid-19, cool kid edge.

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